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Tarta Original. Design & flexibility tailored to your needs.


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Tarta Original is the first postural backrest made by Tarta Design. Thanks to its unique features, it gives the best as an orthopaedic backrest.Tarta Original is a modular backrest designed to adapt and improve the posture of each of us giving you freedom of movement and support. It is a modular backrest designed to adapt and improve the posture of each of us in every day life, from a simple backache to serious pathologies. Tarta Original is a product for everyone conceived to eliminate the barriers between people with disabilities and people without disabilities. This is our school of thought. Exploit its full adaptation potential and enjoy its design award-winning international competitions including the Well Tech Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Designed to be adaptable to the user’s needs, every single part of the Original can be customised to fit the individual with minimal tools and easy adjustments.

Original is the most flexible backrest in the world! The central column gives freedom of movement and support to improve quality of life for users.

Comfortable washable foam pads can be used in any combination and with 12 different shapes to choose from it is unique to the user’s needs. Soft, breathable and fresh feeling to maximize the comfort of the backrest.  The spaces between the pads helps to keep dry the back of the user.  Each pad is made of washable foam, realized with breathable technical material for maximal comfort.

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