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Product Description

The SELECT Series is one of ROHO’s many popular product lines, with the revolutionary ISOFLO® Memory Control which offers advanced skin and soft tissue protection as well as positioning capabilities. The ISOFLO provides each individual an adjustable, quick and simple stability and positioning solution while seated.

Skin & Soft Tissue Protection Based on over 45 years of research and individual experience, ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® Technology provides unparalleled performance in facilitating blood flow by fitting and matching the shape of an individual. Select Series cushions are one of ROHO’s
most popular product lines because of the revolutionary ISOFLO Memory Control, which offers shape fitting capabilities with the push
of a knob. The ISOFLO Memory Control offers a seated individual an adjustable, quick and simple positioning and stability solution.

The perfect sitting position is only a push away ROHO’s ISOFLO Memory Control, located at the front of all SELECT Series cushions, allows air to flow through the cushion in two ways:

  • With the ISOFLO unlocked, air can flow freely throughout the entire cushion, similar to a ROHO Single Compartment Cushion.
  • With the ISOFLO locked, air is contained in four separate quadrants offering stability and positioning capabilities.


  • Neoprene – The caring properties of neoprene help to provide a comfortable cushion
  • Dry Flotation – Dry Flotation technology helps mimic the properties of water to provide the optimal seating experience
  • ISOFLO Memory Control – Control four quadrant airflow to tailor positioning and stability to individual users and their activities
  • Adjustable air valve – Create the ideal sitting environment for protection against skin and tissue damage by adjusting the cushion according to a user’s requirements
  • Multiple options – Match the best cushion to a user’s shape or requirement with different cushion sizes and cell heights regardless of weight
  • Active cells – Airflow between individual cells ensures the cushion conforms to a user’s shape and activity adapts to a user’s movement.

Based on clinical, scientific or engineering evidence, this product may be suitable for individuals who:
• have a history of skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or any category/stage pressure injury (including deep tissue injury), skin grafts, and/or myocutaneous flap surgery
• currently have skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or any category/stage pressure injury (including deep tissue injury)
• are at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown
• have normal or impaired sensation
• require increased stability
• require correction of pelvic asymmetry (medial-lateral and/or anterior-posterior)
• require different positioning of the left and right femur

INCLUDES: QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE, MID PROFILE or LOW PROFILE Cushion, two-way stretch cover, hand inflation pump, repair kit, and operation manual.
CONSTRUCTION: Flame-resistant, neoprene rubber (made without latex).
SIZES*: Fits chair width
HIGH PROFILE – 11” to 25”/28 cm to 63.5 cm
MID PROFILE -13” to 19”/33 cm to 48 cm
LOW PROFILE – 10” to 24”/25.5 cm to 61 cm
*Customization and custom sizes available
WEIGHT: Varies by size, approximately 3.5 lbs./ 1.6 kg
WEIGHT LIMIT: Unlimited (Cushion must be properly sized to the individual)
CUSHION WARRANTY: 36-Month Limited Warranty
COVER WARRANTY: 6-Month Limited Warranty

For more information, please view the QuadTro Select Data Sheet, by clicking HERE

**We will contact you after purchase to discuss sizing requirements**


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