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Going is a revolutionary vehicle able to guarantee total freedom of movement on any terrain and in any weather for many miles.

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Product Description

Going is a revolutionary vehicle able to guarantee total freedom of movement on any terrain and in any weather for many miles.

Going utilises Segway’s self-balancing technology combined with the sophisticated mechanical controls of the GO seat model, allowing incredible freedom of movement to reach places considered inaccessible until now. It is also equipped with a lighting system so as to be used at night.

When in operation, Going moves progressively in accordance with the backwards or forwards inclination of the torso, leaving both hands free to steer the vehicle or do other things.

All posture requirements are fulfilled by the possibility of adjusting the sophisticated seated model.

Going finally allows you to truly enjoy your surroundings, without having to constantly worry about obstacles in your path.

How does it work?

The GO seated model by Going is constructed with the highest-quality components and materials specifically treated to produce minimum friction. This reduces wear due-and-tear through normal use and exposure to the elements.

The seat adjustment has been specifically developed in collaboration with prominent physiotherapists to guarantee a posture equivalent to that of a wheelchair. The cushion is made of water-repellent material, whilst the back is orthopaedic, installed on an adjustable support that reclines as desired. When seated, the lower limbs are supported by footrests that can also be adjusted. For the upper body, handles are used to activate the Segway stabilisers. To initiate the Segway sensors, simply press either the left or right positional lever.

It is positioned in the handles that act simultaneously on the GO seated model and on the Segway safety systems. In fact, these handles activate the mechanical sensor when a person is “on-board” and the electronic blockage sensors activate the rapid release of the handlebar.

The technical features of Going include:
  • InfoKey Controller with 4 buttons for activating the electronic functions and real-time checking of the integrated display.
  • Choose the colour of your choice for the body, the lean steer and the side handles.
  • Activating handles with stabilisers that have integrated release levers and the option of being positioned on the left or right.
  • Stabilisers: on the ground, for transferring; in an intermediate position, the fall preventers; in a raised position for starting/moving complete with Going, in a raised position.
  • With adjustable seat both in terms of height and front-back tilt, it is complete with person-on-board sensor.
  • The backrest is also adjustable, orthopaedic and in carbon.
  • The height of the feet supports is adjustable.
  • Removable handlebar with safety lock and quick hitch.
  • Front and rear LED illumination for night-time use, with 48-hour battery life.
  • Battery charger plug that enables charging of the lighting power supply. Possibility to connect your Smartphone with an adaptor.
  • Reduced weight and bulk thanks to the compact and lightweight GO unit.
  • Off Road Wheel Kit is an optional extra


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