Flexyfoot Open Cuff Crutches


These stylish, textured, matte black Open Cuff Crutches come with Flexyfoot fitted as standard..

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Product Description

Why Should I Choose Open Cuff Crutches?

For a modern and less bulky look, the open cuff provides a lightweight, more compact crutch while demonstrating equal mobility benefits to the closed cuff.

Made from high-quality aluminium and reinforced fibreglass, our crutches also come with push button height adjustment to easily adapt to your preferred height.

Sold individually or as a pair, these smart, practical, and lightweight Flexyfoot elbow crutches are made in Germany. Their textured matte black finish further adds to the sophistication!

Most importantly, paired with a soft grip handle our crutches are designed to help significantly ease the pain and discomfort often associated with crutch use.

Anatomic Grip

Featuring soft feel anatomic grips, these crutches have a handle specifically designed to fit the shape of your hand, providing maximum comfort due to downward pressure being distributed through a large area.

Technical Information

  • Colour: Textured matt black
  • Max User Weight: 150KG
  • Height Adjustable between 75 and 105cm
  • Product weight: 600G

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