Aware 2 Rear View Camera System


Rear View Camera System

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Product Description

AWARE Universal Rear-View System for scooters & power wheelchair allows to:

  • monitor what is behind you while standing or cruising.
  • safer backing-up, as it helps to avoid colliding with people and obstacles.
  • enhance personal security as the user can see in advance whether a stranger or a vehicle is approaching from behind and take appropriate measures.

Installation :

Connect to your power wheelchair’s or scooter’s USB port. Alternatively, connect using an XLR-USB adaptor to existing charging port (not included). See accesories. (see instructions manual).

– 170 degree viewable angle, broader and safer
– video radar system indicates distance to obstacle when within 2 meters
– beeper activates when obstacle is within 1.2 meters (can be disconnected)
– IP67 waterproof and low power consumption
– Universal fit for all wheelchairs and scooters
– easy to install: No drilling required, flexible mounting options with mounting brackets with different tilting angles -included


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